Welcome to the SELF-CARE BOOTCAMP!

Imagine this:

You're starting to feel overwhelmed. the house is a mess. You've got to drive the kids to ballet and soccer. The school is asking you to bring in 30 cupcakes tomorrow, and you still have to get some work done and make dinner.

Your list just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

But wait! You need a minute to yourself. To regroup. To refocus.

So, you stand up and stretch. The movement feels so good in your body. You can feel the tension releasing. The blood is flowing through your muscles again. You didn't realize how stiff you were. Then you take 10 deep breaths, and with each exhale you release even more stress and tension. The negativity and overwhelm just flow out of your body. Your mind feels so much more clear. The tasks don't seem quite as huge, and you are ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Wow, you just practiced self-care!

It's that easy and simple.

But, sometimes we need reminding to do that.

Sometimes we forget just what we need to do in that moment.

Enter, the Self-Care Bootcamp where I will train you just how to practice self-care in 5 minutes (or less!) a day and create an easy, and quick routine so that you can tackle the day's most overwhelming moments.

In this 8-week bootcamp we will:

👉Learn how to practice self-care in 5 minutes a day

👉Get a new idea each day on what to do during those 5 minutes

👉Take a look at your schedule and find time to squeeze in self-care, no matter how busy you are and I will walk you through creating a custom schedule that makes time for self-care.

👉 Have a weekly self-care livestream where we would come together at the same time each week and do some sort of virtual self-care meet-up.

👉Address the ever-present "mom guilt" and show you how to get over it fast

👉Practice self-care every day for the 8 weeks so that you start to create the "habit" of self-care

👉Weekly trainings and Q&A on self-care mommy topics

and so much more!

Imagine being happier, more relaxed, more confident, more present with your family, more able to handle stressful situations, and build deeper relationships with your partner and kids.

You can have all of this if you show yourself a little self-love.

Topics we will cover:

  • Why self-care is so important for mamas
  • Figuring out what kind of self-care works for you
  • Looking at your busy schedule and finding ways to insert self-care
  • Gratitude and why you need to be practicing it EVERY DAY
  • How to get through "mom guilt" quickly and easily


Sign up today and let's get started!

Self-Care Bootcamp starts November 6th

**Doors are closed**

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