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Ready to Laugh Again?


Voxer Coaching

Your anxiety is getting the better of you. I can see that already.

  • You snap at your kids and your partner way too quickly.

  • You are afraid to show up at kids birthday parties and be the "outsider".

  • You have all these fears and negative thoughts running through your mind all. the. time.

  • You just don't know what to do anymore to find the joy and laughter again.

I KNOW that you are meant to be an amazing mom, wife, partner, and woman.

I KNOW that you already are there.

That pesky anxiety just keeps you from seeing it.

Mama, I want to work with you.

In my monthly Voxer Coaching program we work intimately on your fears and anxiety.

We discover what is holding you back and what limiting beliefs and scary stories are running through your mind.

We find a way to work with those scary stories and turn them into beautiful dreams.

I will walk you through:

  • Identifying your anxiety and then acknowledging and honoring it so that you can begin to move past it.

  • Working on shifting your negative thoughts to positive ones so that when you walk into that birthday party you stop thinking about how you don't know anyone and how scary it is, and start thinking about how you belong there and that it's an opportunity to make awesome new mom freinds.

  • Meditations, visualizations, breathing techniques, and  other quick and easy ways to calm your fears in the moment you are having them.

  • Reconnecting with your family so that you will all find more joy and laughter in every moment.

In this one month program you will get:

  • An initial 90-minute call to get on the same page and put an incredible action plan together for the month.

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to me via the Voxer App (which works like a free walkie-talkie on your phone).

  • Additional resources that will help you on your journey such as meditations, visualization techniques, breathing techniques, and workbooks. 

  • Support, guidance, and love.


Beautiful Mama One-on-One Coaching

If you are ready for a complete mommy mind makeover, this package is for you.

In this 3-month One on One Coaching Package You Get:

  • A Complimentary 45-minute Clarity Call

  • One 45 minute call per week scheduled at your convenience

  • Unlimited email  access to me with 24 hour turn around

  • Weekly "office hours" to ask questions and gain clarity

  •  A custom game plan to get you back on track

  • Action items to keep you focused and moving forward

We will cover:

  • Pin-pointing pain points and stress-triggers

  • How to unleash your inner confidence

  • Understanding what inner beauty is

  • Embracing the strength that is inside you

  • Finding time for you

  • Discovering who you really are

  • Techniques to overcome stress

  • Gratitude

Click below to schedule your FREE call to see if One on One coaching is for you!