Confident Mama Voxer Coaching

Confident Mama Voxer Coaching

350.00 400.00

1 Month of Voxer Coaching

Ready to find the Calm in the Chaos?

Ready to communicate better with your kids?

Ready to build a stronger relationship with your partner?

Ready to find more time for yourself?

If so, then my Signature Voxer Coaching Program is for you!

In my Voxer Coaching you will get:

-24/7 access to a coach (that's me!) via the Voxer App

-1 Month of Individualized Coaching

-A personalized action plan to focus on your specific goals and get you to where you want to be faster

-The confidence to know that you can and WILL be in a better spot by the completion of the program

-An amazing sense of empowerment that you accomplished something you set out to do!

Voxer is an app that allows two people to communicate via text or like a Walkie Talkie. You can also leave messages!

It's so personalized and I will be able to make sure that you are taking steps forward each and every day to achieve your goals.

If you purchase by midnight PST on January 31st, you get $50 off!


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