"Keep Your Cool" Summer Voxer Coaching Package

"Keep Your Cool" Summer Voxer Coaching Package

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Hey Mama!

Happy Summer!

Yes, summer is here! Which means vacations, relaxing, camps, beach days, great weather….and STRESS.

Summers can be stressful for moms having the kids home all the time.

Everyone is on top of each other, the kiddos are bored and looking for YOU to entertain them, and YOU don’t get any time to yourself.

And that can make a Mama go a little crazy sometimes.

Tempers run short.

Yelling and snapping at your kids happen.

Then guilt and negative thoughts kick in which leads to more yelling and snapping.

And the cycle continues.

And even if your kiddos aren’t in school yet, we still have these same issues to deal with.

But I say let’s stop that in its tracks.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could have a magical summer without all the yelling and fighting?

What if you could find time for yourself to relax without the guilt?

What if you could enjoy being with your kids this summer and find more happiness in each moment?

This is totally possible. I know it!

You just need a little help and direction.

Mindset techniques are proven to greatly increase your happiness, and I know just how to implement them to help you keep your cool this summer.

With my “Keep Your Cool” Summer Voxer Coaching Package you will get:

-3 months of support from a Mindset Coach specializing in tools and techniques to bring you more joy and keep you in the moment.

-An initial 60 minute call to square away what is causing your stress and anxiety and get a plan together to turn that into joy.

-Unlimited Voxer and Facebook Messager support

-Powerful transformations that will have you having the best summer ever!

Are you ready to have the best summer without the yelling and guilt?

Are you ready to make fun memories you will all treasure?

Then let’s get to it!

The price of $777 is only good until Friday, June 15th and I only have 5 spots available so act fast!

(Payment plans available http://bit.ly/VoxerPaymentPlan)

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