One-On-One Coaching Package

One-On-One Coaching Package


In my signature One-on-One Coaching program, I help you make that shift. I help you see things around you in a new way. We help you remove blocks and fears that are holding you back from being happy and are keeping you stressed and overwhelmed. We work together to build your confidence and to learn about mindfulness that will bring you and your family more joy and fulfillment. We transform your mindset and release your new found happiness to shine upon your family.

In this 3-month transformational coaching program you get:

  • An initial 45 minute assessment call to get a game plan in place for your transformation

  • Weekly 60-minute calls to keep you on track and hold you accountable (sometimes accountability is the hardest thing!)

  • Unlimited Voxer (a free walkie-talkie like app) and Facebook Messanger support for those moments when you have a question or feel like you may be slipping

  • Materials to help you unlock your fears and blocks and help shift your mindset towards happiness and love

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