let me tell you a story


Tesse Struve

I know what it's like, Mama.

To always question yourself as a mom, second guess every decision, feel like you're not good enough, like you should always be doing more.

I have lacked strength as a mom.

I have lacked confidence as a mom.

I have felt like I lacked beauty as a mom.

I was lost.

Have you ever felt that way?

I struggled when my little one was born. I literally didn't leave the house for a month.

I was so scared to make any decisions for fear they were the wrong ones.

Everyone was telling me what I "should" be doing.

I wilted into my glider, rocking back and forth knowing only that I wanted the best for this little bundle of joy.

But I didn't know how to make that happen.

I would read what the "experts" were saying. I would listen to advice from family and friends. I would read blogs.

I was on an information overload.

I felt like I lacked the strength to stand up for myself and what I believed to be best for my family.

I lacked the confidence to make decisions that needed to be made.

I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, not wanting to show the world my messy hair and sweat pants.

I decided something had to change. All of this was effecting my relationships and everyone around me. Not to mention my health.

So, I turned it around. I started looking at things differently.

I worked on my mindset.

I worked on how I  viewed the things around me.

I turned negative thoughts into positive ones.

And, I studied Life Coaching.

All  of this made me realize that I was living negatively, and I started to look at things more positively.

Everything changed.

My confidence, self-worth, and relationships.

I started to appreciate the person I was on the outside and the inside.

Have you read the "Twilight Saga" or seen the movies? You know, the cheesy love triangle between the girl, the vampire, and the werewolf?

*Spoiler alert, I'm about to giveaway a big part of the book/movie if you haven't seen it!

So, when you begin reading the books, the main character, Bella, is this "weak" human girl. At least, that is how she is portrayed. She lacks self confidence and constantly needs saving from her "strong" boyfriend.

Then she goes through a transformation (becomes a vampire) and suddenly she is strong, confident, and beautiful.

Well, I want that transformation for you (without having to become a vampire). I want you to feel strong, confident, and beautiful like Bella.

That person was inside me. She is inside you too.