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5 Days to Less Mommy Stress Workbook

Are you looking to get more out of your 5 Days to Less Mommy Stress Email Course?

I've put together a 12-page Workbook that compliments each lesson in the email course.

It includes:

  • Actionable to-do items that will take you deeper into your journey to become a calm, confident mama.
  • An "Emotional IQ Model" to help you clearly identify your emotions and why you are feeling them.
  • A worksheet that will help you find the TRUTH in your thoughts so you can better control them.
  • Insight into who you truly are as a person.

I have taken each page from proven Life Coaching techniques and I know it will help you better understand your stress and yourself so that you can become the joyful mom you deserve to be.

If you are looking to take the email course to a new level, this workbook is for you.

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