Why you need coaching

For the longest time I struggled on my own, in silence. I wouldn't talk to my husband, my family, or my friends. I kept everything to myself. I thought I could control it. I thought I could do everything on my own.

I was wrong.

It took a complete meltdown, on the floor in my living room, with my 2 year old watching to realize that what I was doing wasn't working. I needed help.

My confidence was shot. My strength was depleted.  I felt ugly in every sense of the word.

I thought I could take on every piece of motherhood on my own, but nobody is that strong. Everyone needs support.

So I started opening up about my struggles to first my husband, then my family, and eventually my friends. I sought out communities of women who were struggling to find out who they are.

I began studing meditation, mindset, and other "woo-woo" things.

Then I found coaching.

A whole world opened up to me. I studied it. Took courses. Read books. And found out that in order to find my inner confidence, I needed to invest in myself.

Sure, it was easy to invest in my family. I would buy toys and ballet classes for my little one. I would happily invest in some nice tools for my husband.

But, buying something for myself was hard.

Once I took the leap of faith, and purchased my first Life Coaching course, I felt empowered.

I felt like I was finally doing something for myself. But not only that, I felt like I was doing something to move my family forward instead of being stuck.

I did it not just for myself, but for everyone around me.

Coaching helped me figure out who I was, led me to my path, and led me to want so badly to help other moms find their path too.

I'm so glad I took that leap and invested in myself.

Will you take the leap with me?