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Hey beautiful Mama,

Do you feel like you want to be "Super Mom" but stress and anxiety keep getting in the way?

Is your dream to be able to have magical adventures with your family without anxiety, yelling, and the inevitable tantrum?

Are you wanting so badly to have a deeper connection to your partner and get that butterflies in your stomach feeling when you are around them without having to explain or justify your anxiety?

Do you crave more "Mom Friends" and a broader sense of community but your anxiety holds you back?

Feeling like you are ready to have fun and laugh with your kids without having to worry all. the. time?


If you find yourself thinking there HAS to be a better way....There is.

It's so hard to worry all the time....

  • You constantly worry about your kids and family

  • You worry about what people think of you on social media

  • You worry about going to a kids birthday party and feeling like an "outsider"

  • You worry about taking your kid to Target for fear they will inevitably throw a giant tantrum

  •  You worry about making your partner mad or upset

  • You worry that you are a shitty parent

  • You worry about safety and what you see on the news

  • You worry about not having enough money or not providing a "good enough" home for your family

So much worry and anxiety. It's overwhelming and you just feel like curling into a ball or hiding under the covers. Your family walks on egg shells around you. You break down all the time or yell and snap easily at your loved ones. You feel out of control.

But it doesn't always have to be this way....

It is my mission to help moms overcome their anxiety and stress so that they can truly enjoy each moment they have with their family.  I believe there is a better way to have more fun, laughter, and love without anxiety and I want to show you how.

That is why I created my 6-Week "Worrier to Warrior" Group Coaching Experience just for busy moms who don't have the time or energy to keep worrying.


When my little one was born my anxiety went through the roof.

It took me hitting rock bottom, curled on the floor of my living room, not sure how I was going to be the best mom I could be, crippled from my anxiety, that I decided to make a change.

I couldn't let me little one see me like this, and I picked myself up and got to work.

I worked on my mind, body, and soul. I changed my nutrition for the whole family. I studied life coaching, anxiety relieving techniques, spirituality, and I when I was ready, I started my business.  

I knew that I had to help moms, crippled by their anxiety and unable to feel true joy as a mom, partner, and woman, find the happiness, laughter, and love they deserve.

I have learned how to work with my anxiety through meditation, visualizations, breathing, and other quick and mommy friendly techniques that I can do in the moment I feel my anxiety creep back in.

The changes I've made have opened up a whole new world of happiness - now it's my mission to help other overwhelmed supermoms do the same.

THAT is why I created Worrier to Warrior - my signature 6 week Group Coaching experience to help YOU reclaim the life you know you're meant to live.




Waking up in the morning, you feel a sense of joy and gratitude for what the day will bring. The kids are still asleep, so you get in a quick meditation and make yourself some tea. You feel ready for your day to begin. The kids get up and you have an adventure filled day planned. You are inspired to take your kids to that playground across town, and calmly and cooly get them packed up and in the car. No freak outs, no tantrums.

When you get to the playground, your toddler immediately falls down. But you don't lose it. You brush him off and away he goes having fun. There are some other moms at the park, and you smile and start talking about your kids. Maybe this is a new mom friend you just made. 

You laugh and play with your kids, all having a great time. You stop and realize you haven't yelled at them once, and take a moment to feel pride. You realize once again how amazing your kids are as they hug you and tell you that you are the best mommy in the world.

When you get home that evening, you have a date night planned with your partner. The babysitter comes and you have the confidence in her to go to dinner and a movie without worries. You and your partner have a wonderful evening, laughing and enjoying each other's company like you used to. You have butterflies in your stomach and feel so grateful to have this person by your side.

You go to bed that evening feeling loved, and joyous, and grateful. 



Mama, are you ready to have fun and play with your kids without worry?

Are you ready to feel uplifted and supported so that you can trust that everything will be ok?

Are you ready to find a deeper connection with your partner and bring our more fun and laughter?

Are you ready to believe in yourself again?

Are you ready to walk into a kid's birthday party and glow with confidence knowing that you belong?

Are you ready to run errands without worry and stress?

Are you ready to take fun adventures with your family?

Are you ready to be "fun mom"?

Are you ready to find more joy, laughter, and love each moment?

Are you ready to transform into a "Goddess Mom"?

Are you ready to become a Warrior?

If you are ready for all the magic less worry can bring, then I'm ready to show you the way.

Let's get started!


The Details

  • 6-Week Group Coaching experience with personalized support to help you reach your goals

  • Each week we will address a new topic and technique to help you harness your worry and focus more on becoming a warrior

  • Every week you will get an hour long LIVE training and Q&A

  •  A private Facebook group will provide support and accountability

  • Quick and easy worksheets to help you dive deeper into your work



The content

Week One

Getting clear: Let's get to the root cause of what is making you feel anxious and worried all the time. Spoiler: It's probably not what you think! This is the week where we really dive deep into what you are feeling and why so that we can begin to address these worries and take the first step towards clearing them. This will get you feeling instant relief and freedom from your stress and anxiety because sometimes the unknown is what scares us the most and when you identify what your fear is, you can begin to address it. 

Week Two

Honoring and Releasing: In this special week, we work on honoring and acknowledging those feelings of worry and anxiety so that we can prepare to release them. This is such an important step that many people skip, and I will be there to walk you through it. Then we will release those negative feelings and feel a sense of freedom. This step will lift a giant weight off your shoulders so that you can shed the anxiety and stress fast.

Week Three

Shift Gears on Your Perspective: This magical week we work on changing the way you view the world around you. So many times we begin to focus on the negative things, but this week I will teach you how to start seeing the beauty and love that is already around you. This will open your eyes to all the good that you already have and get you feeling confident and happy fast.

Week Four

Forgiveness: We cannot move forward until we truly forgive ourselves and those around us. As moms, we often feel guilt and shame over our feelings. This week we work on releasing those feelings and forgiving ourselves. Grab a glass of wine, cuz I will help you show yourself some love! This step with give you such relief so that you can move forward in a more positive way.

Week Five

Reconnect with Love: This is such a powerful week as we will dig deep into what Love means to you, and how to shift from fear and worry back to love quickly. When we are scared, we are disconnected from Love, so I will show you how to quickly find your way back. I "Love" this week of magical work! This week will get you feeling supported and content faster than anything else!

Week Six

Give Thanks: Not to me, but to all of the wonderful things in your world. This is a huge game-changer when it comes to becoming a true Warrior. We will explore all of the different ways gratitude will transform you from Worrier to Warrior. This week is the delicious cherry on top that you can practice with the whole family. 


Worrier to Warrior kicks off April 16th!!


Get the 6-Week Group Coaching Program + Private Facebook Community + Workbook:

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Ready to Quantum Leap?

I'm offering a private Voxer coaching upgrade as you go through the program.

We will stay connected via the Voxer app (that acts like a walkie talkie) as I personalize the experience just for you.

It's like getting 1:1 coaching!

You will have 24/7 access to me with any questions you have about the program, and we can dive deeper into the coaching experience to get you results even faster!

Sign up for this upgrade quickly, as I have limited spots available! 



Nutrition and Anxiety Masterclass

Cathy Richards, RD walks you through three key areas to reduce your anxiety. You'll learn:

1) how to eat to control anxiety

2) what foods/nutrients to increase and

3) what foods should be avoided.

You'll walk away with simple and easy to implement strategies to keep support your mood and give you the energy to do the things that you love!



Visual Supports Masterclass

Allana Robinson, a parenting coach for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, will walk you through how to make custom visual supports for your children to support their executive functioning skills and independence. This masterclass includes:

-11 Video Modules

-Step by Step Tech Training

-Supply List

($120 Value)




1) I'm SO busy and don't know if I can make the time to be at all the trainings? Will I still get value out of this?

YES! All of the trainings will be recorded so you can watch them while you are folding laundry or when you put the littles to bed (I usually watch trainings while I'm doing dishes). And if you have any questions about the trainings, you can post them in the private Facebook Group and I or one of your fellow course members can respond.

2) I have super challenging kids. Will this really fix anything?

Absolutely! This program will give YOU, as their mom, tools and techniques so that you can be more present and in the moment with your kids. That means less yelling and more understanding and communication. Your kids mirror your moods and if they see you being calm, happy, and full of love, then you will immediately see a shift in your whole family dynamics. When Mama's happy, everyone's happy! 

3) How much time does it usually take each week?

It's completely up to you how much you want to put into the program. I usually estimate spending about 2-4 hours a week watching the training and implementing the strategies. Each training will be an hour long. It will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience. Then there will be techniques for you to try throughout the week and a worksheet that should take about 20 minutes to complete. If you feel you mastered the concepts taught quickly, then that's great! But if you want more support and to spend more time on it then you will have the support you need.

4) Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! You can find the payment options above.

5) What can I expect from this program? 

A beautiful, thoughtful, fun, loving environment. A new community that believes in you and is there to support you and provide accountability. Inspired content. A new and fresh perspective. Meditations, affirmations, gratitude, and a renewed sense of self.  Confidence. Progress. And a new way to get closer to your family and to love.

6) Can you guarantee specific results? 

I whole heatedly believe in this program. It has worked for me and I have seen the principles work for many others.  That being said: DISCLAIMER: I don't guarantee or warrant results. I am not a licensed health care provider and do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine.  I am not a counselor or psychotherapist and do not purport to offer mental health care advice.